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These folks made my day!   My vintage 1950's Robertshaw stove had worked great for years but suddenly the oven wasn't coming on.  I brought in the local appliance repairman but of course, he couldn't fix such an old machine.  He told me my thermostat was gone and good luck finding another one. 


I went to the web with only hope and did some research.  Well--it did look like there were a few companies out there that had parts or could rebuild parts. It all looked terribly complicated but lucky for me I emailed JES Enterprises!

AJ asked me the best question though as soon as the process began, "What's the problem with it?"  In moments he diagnosed the real problem over the phone--helped me reset the automatic pilot and saved me weeks of shipping and hundreds of dollars.  THAT'S GOOD SERVICE!!  Thank you JES Enterprises--that's how to build brand loyalty.    Next time I have a problem and money has to be spent it will be spent with these guys!



We recently had the pleasure of using this company. From beginning to end, they were helpful, knowledgeable, efficient and very responsive to our questions. We have an O'Keefe and Merritt stove that needed a part refurbished and by following their easy directions, we now have the part in place. We cannot be happier!


The turn-a-round time on receiving the part was amazing! Since we fixed this problem we now want to upgrade some other things that can use updating. They readily have a link set up in order to help us know what we need to do, it's the "How To" link. We were very impressed and highly recommend their services! You will be happy you did!



Getting an old stove up and running can be incredibly expensive - yet there have been no improvements in the last sixty years over the old O'Keefe Merritt, Chambers, Tappan and Wedgewood stoves of the 40's and 50's.  They are solid, beautiful, USA-made and a pleasure to cook on. But it's almost impossible to find the parts or repair people that can work on them when something finally breaks. JES is the business to go to for for parts and advice on how to fix and maintain these stoves. I was able have my thermostat rebuilt by JES and buy a rebuilt safety valve from them. I was able to install them both myself.


The parts arrived within 2 days. JES gave me specific, easy-to-follow instructions and, when I had some problems with the safety valve installation, they promptly responded by phone and email. The problem was solved within the hour. (Turns out the problem was me not the part.) My O'Keefe Merritt now works like it's brand new. I have never had a better stove.


February 23, 2010

I don't know if you'll remember be but you guys sold me a thermostat for my gas oven back in November. I live in Brooklyn, NY and my wife and I were supposed to host Thanksgiving dinner at our place for a big group of friends and family. 


When the stove gave out just two weeks before the big day I figured we were sunk and we started making arrangements to cook the different dishes at the homes of our family and friends. This was our only hope. Here in NYC people don't generally have cars so we planned to haul cooked turkeys and pies and stuffing on subways, buses and cabs to pull the feast together.


Luckily, your parts and expertise arrived just in time and I was able to fix and adjust the oven just a day before the gathering. The oven works better than it ever has, and we were able to do all the cooking here at home and host great Thanksgiving.


When I started my research into parts for this stove I really thought it was hopeless but you guys came through with the right part and, unbelievably, at the right time.


Thank you so very much. You guys are not only knowledgeable and helpful but friendly and expeditious and well. Could NOT have done it without you.


Best Wishes,

Al Huckabee

Brooklyn, NY

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