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O'Keefe & Merritt - Wedgewood - Roper - Maytag - Tappan - Western-Holly Safety Valves - TS-7 "Pickle Style"

Has This Happened to You?

The pilot light is on but my oven will not turn on!

My oven turns off by itself while I am baking.

Our oven was working­­ fine then just stopped for no reason!

We didn't realize our broiler quit. Our food is raw.


Guaranteed > All of the above will happen when

you need your stove the most.

TS-7 Safety Valve Analyzing Guide


No Need to Worry Any Longer....

Here is the Publication You Have Been

Asking For!

Full Explanation INCLUDING



Diagrams and


The Brand NEW, Do-It-Yourself 'How to' GUIDE


Analyzing the Grayson/Robertshaw

TS-7 Safety Valve System

The First Manual of its Kind!

features the Famous

Thermo-Magnetic TS-7 Safety Valve

Also Known As the "Pickle Valve".

This High Quality Safety Device was used in thousands of

antique stoves and heating units throughout the 1940s-50s.

 With our latest manual you or your technician can

correctly analyze and troubleshoot

 the TS-7 safety valve system in your stove.

Eliminates Guesswork and Flawed Evaluations.

Do-It-Yourself Analyze Quickly, Safely and Easily.

TS-7 Safety Pickle Valve 

Analyzing the Grayson/Robertshaw

TS-7 Safety Valve System





Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How To Set the TS-7 Valve


Correct Lighting Procedure

with and without the Side Pilot Tap


Igniting the Pilot.


Cutaway Inside Diagram of the TS-7 Valve


Full Parts Nomenclature Explained


Bonus Information:

Location of Pilot Adjustments with pictures and explanation.

Causes of Safety Valve Failure with actual interior photos never before published.

Pilot adjustment for TS-7 Valve on Thermostat with photo.

Service Procedure for Safety Pilot Adjustment. 

Various Pilot Valve Styles photos.


Second Bonus:

 4 Things Never to Try with an old Grayson TS-7 Safety Valve

 Extremely Important:

Why It Is NEVER a good Idea to purchase a 'Used' TS-7 Safety Valve.

Various TS-7 Safety Valve Styles pictured.

Removing the TS-7 Safety Valve from Your Stove.

Where to get antique Grayson Robertshaw Safety Valves Serviced Accurately and Quickly.

Thumbnail History of the Inventor, John Grayson


Applicable to both TS-7 Valves:  

With or Without Side Tap Pilot.

Make Sure Your Holiday Meals are a Success!

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The New TS-7 Manual is Easy to Understand.


Based on over 49 years of expertise in the

antique stove field.


It will walk you through everything you need to know.

Furthermore it will point out exactly how to troubleshoot and analyze problems for the TS-7 safety valve swiftly and with complete accuracy.


We are heading into a big Holiday cooking season .

The time to prepare is now!

Save precious time.

Can be used by a private party or technician that is not familiar with the

TS-7 antique stove safety system.

>Invest in Yourself. The knowledge you gain lasts for a lifetime.

All procedures are charted out with the utmost of safety so you can proceed with full confidence.

Order your copy today.

Keep it on hand ... Use it over and over again.

You're going to need it!

Please be sure the Safety Valve pictured is the type you have in your stove before ordering and that TS-7 is stamped on the valve. 

*This is not a repair manual. This manual is for analyzing the actual problems with the TS7 Valve. If after using this guide you still need repairs this must be done by a qualified rebuilding service. Parts for rebuilding TS7 safety valves cannot be sold to the public. If you need quality rebuilding services at the lowest prices with longest warranty contact: J.E.S. at *All sales final on electronic and printed materials.

Grayson Robertshaw TS7 Safety Valve 

Analyzing the Grayson/Robertshaw

TS-7 Safety Valve System

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